From the first heartbeat to the first snuggle. From first smiles to first steps. Each moment is just as important as the last, each one precious as gold.

As a mother of four, I’ve been there. I’ve held my darling littles in my hands and watched time slip by all too quickly. I know the joys and struggles of being a new mom and the challenge of keeping my baby safe and healthy. That’s why my goal as a photographer isn’t just to give you stunning pictures of your sweet baby, but to ease all the stress and work that goes into having professional portraits done.

From the moment you book your session, I make every effort to ease the stress on you and your family. I will send you information about how to prepare for your session, what to wear, and what to expect. During sessions I take care of everything (besides feedings!) and allow you just to sit back and enjoy watching me fall in love with your little one. I even have a massage chair ready to go when you arrive! I really do love every piece of what I do and feel so blessed to share in your journey of motherhood.

My top priority in every session is the health and safety of your little one. I will not do poses that make your baby feel uncomfortable or put your baby in danger. Working slowly allows me to keep your little one relaxed and happy through the entire session. I have also completed newborn and baby safety courses and received extensive safe-posing education to insure your little one is always in safe hands. I am up to date on my Tdap and Flu vaccinations and have completed a child and baby First Aid & CPR certification to insure I am prepared for any unexpected health concerns.